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My Journey

I began with a vision in 2020: to create a space where entrepreneurs like you could personalize illustrations effortlessly.

My journey, fueled by over 30,000 customers interacting with my initial web app, has been about understanding and adapting to your needs.

The result? Today, I bring convenience and creativity together with illustrations customizable in Canva, your favorite daily tool.

Our History

Effortless Personalization

I'm here to Simplified Creativity

Tailoring each illustration to your brand's unique story is now just a few clicks away in Canva

Fluid Adaptation

Distinctive Imprint

Creative Freedom

Let me help you flex your creative muscle!

Working with Amy on the illustrations was a wonderful experience. Amy's creative flair in the illustrations left me in awe, and her unique artistic perspective is truly captivating. I am deeply grateful for her incredible work and undeniable brilliance in what she does. Thank you, Amy, for your exceptional illustrations!

— Glo Atanmo | @glographics



Illustrative Beginnings

The launch of my first illustration, marking my entry into the world of visual content.


A New Chapter

I transitioned from my magazine to an exclusive illustration membership.


Technological Leap

The development phase of my bespoke webapp, focusing on enhancing user experience.

Image showing a woman alongside a color picker tool, illustrating the ease of editing her skin tone to match perfectly with just a few clicks in Canva.


Growing Community

Celebrated the significant achievement of reaching 15,000 customers.


Creative Expansion

Broadening the horizons of my illustration suite to cater to diverse needs.


Canva Integration

A key year for integrating my offerings with Canva, a popular design tool.


Digital Evolution

The launch of my new eCommerce site, reimagined and tailored for my users.

Illustrations Loved By

Inspiring Creators  Worldwide